Local Casting for Video
Production in Toronto

If the production is taking place in Toronto, we’d better have local talent. Be it English, French, Mandarin, Spanish or any other language, the benefit of producing video in Toronto is that it is one the most multi-cultural cities in the world (49.9% of the population is foreign-born). So the talent pool can be as ethnically diverse as you require.

If you are considering producing a video in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it’s vital that you find a Toronto video production company that takes initiative, is detail-oriented and capable of meeting your unique requirements.

We’re able to be your ‘boots on the ground’ when it comes to all areas of Local Casting, from:

  • Talent breakdown development
  • Full or partial audition services
  • Talent negotiation and procurement
  • All planning, scheduling & logistics

Essentially, we will be an extension of your own company.

We understand the video production market in Toronto. We can take care of
all your Local Casting needs.