Location Scouting for Video
Production in Toronto

Ever try to book locations from photos without ever having a location scout completed? It’s a risky approach and from our experience, a production element that shouldn’t be left to chance (who knew the location was right under the flight path of that international airport?).

If you are considering producing a video in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it’s vital that you find a Toronto video production company that takes initiative, is detail-oriented and capable of meeting your unique requirements.

We’re able to be your ‘boots on the ground’ when it comes to all areas of Location Procurement & Scouting, from:

  • Location search, negotiation and procurement
  • Specialized location & production insurance
  • Location scouting for technical needs
    • Load in / out & timing requirements
    • Esthetics
    • Lighting needs
    • Sound requirements
  • Studio, on-site locations or exteriors

Essentially, we are an extension of your own company.

We understand the Toronto video production market. Let us show you
how we can take care of all your Location Scouting needs.