Messaging and Scripting for Video Production

You simply may have this in the bag. Messaging – check. Scripting – check. “Let’s go,” you say. “Perfect,” we say. And off we go.

But… you may need help. Your team may be strong with copy but struggle with scripting. You may lack experience or confidence to pull messaging together from an interview-based approach. You may have a crystal clear idea of what you don’t like, but are unsure of what you do like. For those who require help, we’re here.

Like all things we do, at Phanta Media we approach scripting with a detailed, process-driven approach. Whenever voice over or on-screen talent is leveraged in a video project, we work with our clients through our propriety five-step professional script writing process. This process ensures the final scripts that are developed are relevant and meaningful to the target audience and meet the corporate objectives of each video.

Our longstanding established relationships with our professional writers and copy editors ensures scripts are not developed ad-hoc, but rather are carefully and thoughtfully crafted.

Not interested in a scripted message but rather an interview or documentary based approach? We’ve got you covered there as well. You see, by it’s very nature the process of producing a high quality video can be a chaotic time. Business values must be respected yet creativity cannot be hampered. A structure is needed but room must be left for organic moments. Because there is no black and white, clear, direct path to a completed product, we have spent years and countless projects developing and honing proprietary project management tools that we leverage throughout the Pre-Production process to ensure everything is as simple and clear as possible.

“The Formula” is a process-driven approach to message development that allows us to effectively drill down from big picture to specific business objectives. Through this four step process, we explore the unknown, challenge the known and develop distinct messaging that connects with its audience. When we breakdown a video project using “The Formula,” with one simple view it offers a full messaging outline and helps understanding of how the video will come together.

Essentially, we aim to be whoever you need us to be. We understand business and we understand how to produce the most effective videos possible. Let us show you how we can take care of all your needs.