Pre-Production Logistics & Planning

Who will take the lead on Pre-Production Logistics & Planning?

We understand the challenge of producing video content out of area; we
regularly have to outsource project elements to companies in Australia,
South America and Europe.

When establishing creative partnerships, the partner producer needs to
be an extension of your own firm with like-minded expectations and
working styles.

If you are considering producing a video in the Greater Toronto Area
(GTA), it’s vital that you find a Toronto video production company that
takes initiative, is detail-oriented and capable of meeting your deadlines,
but also knows how to play nice in the sandbox with others.

We’re able to be your ‘boots on the ground’ when it comes to all areas of
Pre-Production Logistics & Planning, from:

  • Local client management
  • Concept development
  • Messaging, scripting & shot list development
  • Scheduling & managing crew, gear & further outsourced elements

Essentially, we are an extension of your own company.

We understand the Toronto video production market. Let us show you
how we can take care of all your needs.