Strategy and Development for Video Production

When approaching a new project, we can take one of three options:

1) You can work through all the details and tell us which way to run.

2) We can work through the details together as a team, then go off merrily and produce the project.

3) We take care of everything; you just sit back, put your feet up and relax.

Really, there’s no right or wrong approach, just the one that works best for you and your client. When establishing creative partnerships, the partner producer needs to be an extension of your own firm with like-minded expectations and working styles. We’re going to work to meet your needs and that means ensuring we play nice in the sandbox.

What does Strategy & Development mean? Well, that’s everything from the Strategic Thinking behind the corporate objectives, target audiences, understanding motivations and key business drivers, to creative development, production options and look and feel.

While most companies concentrate on logistics and pre-production planning alone, it’s simply not enough. Yes, we’ll take care of the logistics. Yes, we’ll take care of the technical requirements. But we’ll also take care of you (and your client) to ensure we not only producing “a project”, but rather the “right project”.

Essentially, we aim to be an extension of your own company. We understand video production. Let us show you how we can take care of all your needs.