Videos for Corporate Communications:
Driving the message home.

Get it scripted. Get it approved. Get it out. Sound familiar?

Somewhere along the way, Corporate Communications became a race against the clock. While budgets and timelines are always tight, at Phanta Media we understand how to fight the good fight - and win.

If it's experience you're looking for, we've got that with a client list like RBC Royal Bank (since 2007), Fairmont Royal York (since 2008) and WSI Internet Marketing (since 2006).

If it's a unique approach you're looking for, we've got that with a simple, proven process that not only allows us to produce exceptionally effective videos, but we make our clients look like internal super-stars (and we don't mind them taking the credit).

If it's creative and unique work you're looking for, we've got that with our ever-growing portfolio of work. Whether it's for internal communications or external communications, we understand how to maximize each and every opportunity.


"These are guys that are going to get inside your business with an authenticity that is really genuine and help you translate, in your own voice, the message that you want to communicate to your people, to your customers, or even to your internal stakeholders."

Andrew Olen
Senior Executive
Medical Devices Industry

Keep the audience awake...
Make it engaging.

Our simple, clear process-driven approach starts with discovery. Our Communication Analysis process allows us to work through all of the business and communications challenges upfront, gain a deep understanding of your organization and working environment and create the foundation for an exceptionally effective communications campaign.

Whether it's as simple as a teleprompted executive message or it requires more heavy lifting on our end, we can do as much (or as little) as you'd like.

We offer all production services from:

  • Strategy & development
  • Messaging & scripting
  • All production resources
  • Locations & talent
  • Post production
  • Distribution services

We could talk about how we've helped our clients with employee engagement, internal training and development, reputation management or recruitment. How we've worked with HR or operations. How we've helped organizations communicate to 1500 offices across 87 countries and territories. Or how we've helped Canada's largest bank communicate to thousands of front-line employees. But in truth - you have a business need. So rather than talk about what we've done in the past, let's talk about how we are going to help you in the future. Give us a call to get started.