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We were once told, "If you're going to take a risk in business, take the risk on sales and marketing." While this wise piece of advice has paid off well for us at Phanta, as our clients would tell you, working with us is virtually risk-free. In today's market, leveraging video for marketing and promotion has become almost as common and natural as breathing. So how do you stand out?

First off, it's recognizing that producing video for the sake of having video is recipe for disaster. Focused objectives, a clear understanding of the business reasons behind the marketing campaign and unsurpassable standards are a good place to start — whether it's our experience with almost all of Canada's major banks, almost every Canadian top-tiered law firm, or working within automotive, auto racing or franchising. We also have experience within professional services, government or non-profits and charities, in manufacturing, IT and tech. Or advertising and communications firms (the list list goes on, just check our client list)... we are the firm to work with.

And why is that? In truth, it's our approach that differentiates us from the countless others. At Phanta Media, our laser focus on exceptionally effective videos has led to our unique production process, our ever-growing portfolio, and our amazing client-list.


"They really get to understand each and every project; who the audience is and they pull us up; force us to ensure that we’re giving great messages and presenting properly. It’s a standard that I’ve not seen in any other creative company that we’ve ever worked with."

Ron McArthur
Past President (2004-2012)

Don't think marketing.
Think different.

Whether you're looking to produce video for a brand marketing campaign, a product launch, a service-based business — no matter the need, we can help. We'll guide you through the process, simple and easy.

The most common challenges facing our clients are:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving referrals & lead generation
  • Shortening sales cycles &
    creating urgency
  • Adding trust and credibility to a
    sales cycle
  • Creating sales tools for RFP processes
  • Trust building & thought leadership
  • Educating clients & prospects
  • Driving membership or increasing sales

We could talk about this type or that type of video, but in truth, you have a business need. So rather then
talking about the type of video you need, let's talk about how we are going to help you overcome your
business challenges. Give us a call to get started.