Graphic-Based Videos: a clean, high-end
look with unlimited possibilities.

Graphic-Based Videos cover a wide range of styles and technical approaches, so let's break it down:

  • Custom 3D Graphics – the whole video could be Graphic-Based or elements can be worked into live action video. This provides the highest possible quality and a rich experience, but can be costly from an investment point of view.
  • Smart Art Style Graphics – taking a flat, 2D approach provides a nice balance of quality and production value while keeping production costs reasonable.
  • Green Screen Videos – shooting live talent on a green screen gives us the freedom to build a branded 'world' working in as many or few elements as required.

Why consider Graphic-Based Videos?

It's important to balance out the benefits of Graphic-Based videos against the drawbacks. The obvious benefits are that as producers, we have complete control over the environments we are creating. We can build and take the viewers to any world we want. Additionally, Graphic-Based Videos are extremely effective when:

  • Explaining a detailed program or process
  • Marketing a product or theory that can not be physically shot or explained (think the heat transfer within a car's brake assembly)
  • To market Service Companies, Consultants or Internet Solutions. When an organization has no physical locations, products or elements that can be physically shot, a Graphic-Based video is the most effective approach.

To find out more about our approach and if it can help your organization with Graphic-Based Videos, feel free to contact us.


"Because they push, they challenge and they bring that innovation and creativity toy each and every project and wey just take advantage of and they result. The proof is in they pudding and the results havey been superb."

Ron McArthur
Past President (2004-2012)