When there’s no room for risk.

Be it personal or corporate finance, investments, group benefits, life insurance, home, auto (there’s an endless list), no one wants to be associated with risk. We were once told, "If you're going to take a risk in business, take the risk on sales and marketing." While this piece of advice is something we live by at Phanta, as our clients would tell you, working with us is virtually risk-free.

Of course, the question shouldn’t be one of risk but rather how your company is going to stand out? Everyone is leveraging video: The Big 5, EAPs, benefit companies, even credit unions leverage video – so how do we do it differently from the rest?

First off, it's recognizing that producing video for the sake of having video is recipe for disaster. Focused objectives, a clear understanding of the business reasons behind the marketing campaign and unsurpassable standards are a good place to start. Add to that a uniquely developed creative and a compelling story and we’re off to the races.

At Phanta Media, our approach differentiates us from the countless others. It’s our laser focus on exceptionally effective videos that has led to our unique production process, our ever-growing portfolio, and our amazing client-list.


"There is no doubt that the quality of the videos played a huge part in the success of (our) award winning campaigns."

Julie Bellot, Manager
Marketing and Communications
Group Benefits
Sun Life Financial

Don’t think like an industry insider.
Think like an outsider.

If you’ll allow us to brag a moment, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the Group Benefits Team at Sun Life Financial for a number of years now – and three campaigns we produced with them won industry awards:

  • IFCA, Best in Show,
    Electronic Marketing Communications (2013)
  • IMCA, Best in Show,
    Integrated Marketing Campaign Over $50K (2013)
  • IMCA Best in Show,
    Integrated Marketing Campaign Under $50K (2013)

Although the videos we produced were a part of the larger campaign, Julie Bellot, Manager of Marketing and Communications with Group Benefits shared this:

"There is no doubt that the quality of the videos produced played a
huge part in the success of these award winning campaigns."

We not only share this story because we’re proud of our work, but rather it’s because of Sun Life’s willingness to step out of the pack and stand out with their marketing campaigns. Working closely with them, we developed unique content that clearly garnered some attention.

So if you’re considering a video project, whether it's as simple as a client testimonial or case study or it requires a larger scope, contact us to find out how we can infuse your next project with a fresh approach.