Legal Marketing Videos:
Drive your firm's profile.

Who wants to watch a boring video? Who wants to watch a partner drone on and on? Often in firms, these two go hand-in-hand. Whether a production faces challenges with scheduling partners, internal approvals, overly-controlled messaging for political reasons, no matter the cause, all too often sub-par videos are being produced. So how do you keep from over-paying for mediocre work?

First off, it's recognizing that producing video for the sake of having video is recipe for disaster. Focused objectives, a clear understanding of the business reasons behind the project and unsurpassable standards are a good place to start, whether it's our experience across multiple sectors like banking, professional services or franchising - government agencies, professional associations, crown corporations or non-profits and charities - our industry leading experience and ever growing client-list demonstrates that we are the firm to work with.

And why is that? In truth, it's our approach that differentiates us from the countless others. At Phanta Media, our laser focus on exceptionally effective videos has lead to our unique production process, our ever-growing portfolio, and our amazing client-list.


"The Phanta approach, for us, was one that made us feel comfortable from day one. Being able to have a real conversation about business with somebody who really understands what you're talking about."

Bud Morris
Canada's Best Store Fixtures

Don't think law. Think marketing.

Whether you're looking to produce video for a brand marketing campaign, a practice group, or on a partner-by-partner basis... no matter the need, we can help. We'll guide you through the process, simple and easy.

The most common challenges facing firms are:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Developing thought leadership opportunities
  • Driving referrals
  • Student recruitment
  • Managing through mergers
  • Looking modern and cool (yes, it's true)

We could talk about this type or that type of video, but in truth, you have a business need. So rather then talking about the type of video you need, let's talk about how we are going to help you overcome your business challenges. Give us a call to get started.