Marketing and promotion videos
for today's corporate market.

Flint McGlaughlin (Marketing Experiments) once said, "People don't want to be
'marketed to', they want to be 'communicated with'." Our marketing and
promotional videos do just that.

Almost everywhere you turn, people are talking about shifts in the market, the
proliferation of Internet video, the skepticism of customers and clients. At Phanta
Media, our singular goal is to create effective, creative, strategic videos that
service your business needs by connecting with your audience. One way we
achieve this is by shifting the focus away from 'marketing to' and concentrating
on starting a conversation with your clients by engaging or 'communicating with'.

The most common uses for marketing
& promotional videos in business are:

  • Corporate Promotions – your corporate needs
  • Branded Content or Documentaries – sharing your unique story
  • Product or Point of Sale Videos – why your customers should care
  • Strategic Sales Tools – thought leadership
  • Tradeshows or Live Events – live the experience

You've now seen a selection of our work. You can hear about our truly unique approach or take a look at our client list, but to find out if our approach to marketing and promotional videos is right for your business, you really need to give us a call. Let's have a talk.


"It was obvious to me as a business owner that these guys weren’t going through the motions. They were excited about the project. They were putting their heart and soul into the project."

Adrian Jayne