Toronto Video Production For
Non-Local Organizations

Providing full service and production support to those outside the Toronto area.

Working out-of-area can be a huge challenge. At home you're in your comfort zone, your element. When producing video content outside of your local area, you're at the mercy of your suppliers and partners. So it's vital to ensure that you're partnered up with an organization that can not only meet, but exceed your standards. A partner that can provide you the support you need. An organization that can be an extension of your own operations.

Non-Local Video Production Support
in the Toronto Area

For those organizations looking to produce content in the Toronto area –
it's important to note the main challenges to working out of area and fully
address them upfront:

  • Who will take the lead on production logistics?
  • Will the partner provide the quality of service you are looking for?
  • Will the partner show one person's reel and send someone else?
  • Will the partner respect the existing client relationships?
  • Is the partner capable of servicing my needs?

To that we say…

At Phanta Media, we are
whoever you need us to be.

At Phanta Media, we take on a lot of work for out-of-area clients. Ranging from a
full service approach with pick up/drop off service from the airport and everything in
between, to a simple half-day of production and shipping the footage back to you for
post production. In truth, we can do as much or as little as you need - everything from: