When there’s no room for risk.

Does experience matter? Today, systems replace people. Technology replicates creativity. Low cost equipment floods the market creating
new “experts”.

We believe there’s something to be said for old-fashioned know-how — working for years, honing skills and learning from experience. Lucky for you, we made our mistakes long ago.

We have a unique approach to corporate video production, one that includes solving real-world business challenges, raising expectations, developing the most creative and effective videos possible (regardless of how “boring” your industry might be). Most importantly, we take a direct, honest, no-nonsense approach to video.

We produce the highest quality,
most effective videos possible.

That's the main driver in our business. Video is all we do. We don't develop websites for
one client and brochures for another, graphic design or signage. We are a corporate
video company. Period. And it's because of this disciplined focus we've developed
proven processes that allow us to work side by side with our clients through:

Strategic Thinking

Others talk about pre-production, but that’s not the conversation to have. It’s not about logistics. It’s about a business need, a business driver, a profit centre, engaging business units. If the conversation were simply about “pre-production”, we’d call it that but you need more than a conversation about logistics. You need strategic thinking — proven processes — you need someone who will challenge the “known”, explore the “unknown”, and work with you to ensure you’re not left with window dressing.

Smart Production

Did you know there are over 30 production elements that affect a budget? Did you know that most projects average over 50 critical decisions that must be made? Did you know that there are 8-12 points in the production process that can lead to possible delays? Scope creep, project delays, budget overruns — these types of things simply cannot happen. Smart Production means approaching projects with experience, proven processes and a strategic approach so we can focus on your project and you can focus on your business.

Effective Distribution

Are we hired to produce a video or have a successful outcome? Is it enough to simply shoot, hand you a video and be off on our merry way? Take the money and run? The last step of the production process is the first step of actually leveraging the video. You need a video production company that not only takes distribution into account with Strategic Thinking, plans ahead for how it will be leveraged, shares industry best practices and provides advice, but you need a company that will actually stick around at the end and partner with you to make sure the project’s effective.

Strategic Thinking means digging deep.


    Working with
    clients to
    business objectives


    Establish, segment
    & understand
    target audiences &
    their motives


    Understand & develop
    organizational /
    product specific USPs


    Strategize & create
    effective messaging
    from the highest
    level, drilling right
    down to the specifics


We know business.
We know video.

Our greatest hope is that you pick up a tangible sense of who we are, how we do business and the standards we hold ourselves and our clients to. Our business knowledge, acumen and strategic thinking goes quite a bit further then simply working in/for/around businesses. We’re entrepreneurial. We have the right mix of left brain and right brain thinkers - the creative and the strategic. And our ability to take on and deliver complex, logistically challenging projects while delivering the highest value for dollars spent - is what we’re about.

We’re business people. We’re strategic thinkers. We produce the highest quality, most effective videos possible.
Don’t believe us? Give us a call and we’ll prove it to you - 905-479-6501.