Video Production for Professional Associations - grow your base...

Growing your membership or demonstrating your value to current members? Launching new programs or educating stakeholders? Attending events or hosting galas? Phanta Media is the firm to turn to for dynamic, creative, truly effective video production.

If it's experience you're looking for, we've got that with a client list like the Canadian Sales Professional Association (CPSA), Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO), the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and the Marketing Hall of Legends (AMA Toronto) to name a few.

If it's a unique approach you're looking for, we've got that with a simple, proven process that not only allows us to produce exceptionally effective videos, but we make our contacts within the association look like an internal super-star (we don't mind them taking the credit).

If it's creative work you're looking for, we've got that with our ever-growing portfolio of work. Whether it's to grow membership or educate stakeholders, whatever the need - we understand how to maximize each and every opportunity.


"This is not a cookie-cutter company. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter video company where it’s inputs in, outputs out, go to someone else."

Andrew Olen
Senior Executive
Medical Devices Industry

Our approach is what defines us.

Our simple, clear process-driven approach starts with discovery. Our Communication Analysis process allows us to work through all of the business and communications challenges upfront, gain a deep understanding of your organization and working environment and create the foundation for an exceptionally effective campaign.

In our experience, the following types of videos make a great impact on Professional Associations:

  • Marketing
    • Brand Marketing Campaigns
    • Membership Promos
    • Member Testimonials
    • Case Studies
    • PSA
    • Thought Leadership Campaigns
    • Executive Profiles
  • Operations
    • Training
    • Support
    • Policy changes
    • Conferences, Keynotes & AGMs
  • Communications
    • Board Updates
    • Executive messages to the network
    • Long term project updates
    • New programs or product launch updates

We could talk about how we've helped our clients increase membership. How we've produced content for AGMs in the UK, Europe, South America and North America. How we've helped organizations communicate to thousands in multiple geographic regions. Or how we created a remarkably effective reputation management campaign when one client found themselves unfairly slandered. But in truth - you have a business need. So rather then talk about what we've done in the past, let's talk about how we are going to help you in the future. Give us a call to get started.