Be it for Couriers, LTL or Distribution & Logistics: we've done it all...

The Transportation & Logistics Industry faces a unique set of challenges that often leaves everyone feeling the push/pull of meeting client’s needs while maintaining margins. Ever-rising client expectations, ultra-price-sensitive markets, environmental events that are out of our control – this is a tough industry – and we understand that.

We understand the overwhelmingly competitive nature of the current market. We understand that the strengths you have may be hard to articulate. We understand the need to stand out. But most of all, we understand that this is a business based on people. Corporate Clients and Customers. Shippers and receivers. It’s easy to overlook the people, the impact that’s made and the stories behind all that freight.

If you're looking to work with a video production firm with the needed experience developing lead generation, trust building and credibility sales tools we're the company to turn to. If you're looking for a firm to help with operations support, communications and staff training tools, we're the company to turn to. If you're looking for a firm to take your online video presence to the next level we're the company to turn to. So you see, no matter the need, we're the company to turn to.


"It was a lot of fun to be honest with you because everything went off without a hitch. From start to finish, they helped us along the way and we would definitely recommend Phanta.”

Ed Bernard
Precision Group

A targeted approach for
the Trucking Industry

Our simple, clear process-driven approach starts with discovery. Our Communication Analysis process allows us to work through all of the business, communications, sales and marketing challenges upfront. Through it, we gain a deep understanding of your organization, with its strengths, and weaknesses and we’re able to develop the foundation for an exceptionally effective video.

Whether it's as simple as a client testimonial or case study or it requires a larger scope, we produce the most creative, effective videos possible.

Consider video business tools for:

  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Lead Conversion Tools
  • Presentation Sales Tools
  • Operational Videos
  • PR or Communication Tools
  • Staff Engagement & Training Videos

Now, we can talk about how we've produced award-winning videos or how we took an organization that had absolutely zero marketing content and completely revolutionized the way they looked at marketing. But in truth, you have a business need. So rather than talk about what we've done in the past, let's talk about how we are going to help you now. Give us a call to get started.